Vigan City Declared as New 7 Wonders Cities of the World at 3:00 AM Philippine Time on December 8, 2014

Mayor Eva Marie Singson Medina’s Press Statement


City Mayor15 years after Vigan’s inscription in the UNESCO List of World Heritage sites and monuments in December 1999, she has been declared a New Wonder City of the World!

On the feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mother Mary, we have been blessed with another distinct stature.

This is inspiring; it is a tribute to a people who has committed to achieve development and make wonderful things happen in their lives and their community even radiating beyond boundaries.

We thank God for according Vigan and the entire Philippines, this global recognition.

We thank everyone who had rallied to be with us in this conquest.

We also thank the organizers of this search, the New 7 Wonders Foundation headed by Bernard Weber for allowing the choice and voices of global supporters of each city contender to be heard.

Thank you for believing that Vigan deserves to be a New Wonder of the World.

To us coming from such a small city, this seemed far fetched. Yet, we dared to dream big together, working hand-in-hand to make it a reality and now, Vigan, WE ARE LIVING THE DREAM!

We hope that this feat will send a stronger message that heritage conservation, interwoven with good governance and community participation, is a very significant tool for development. We did it in Vigan, it can be done by any local government unit.

Thank you, thank you. The people of Vigan can only reciprocate your support by sustaining the collective gains which catapulted this great city to another international prominence.

May our good Lord reward you for bringing pride to Vigan and the Philippines despite the many challenges that we are facing.

Dear Bigueños, let us keep our faith in God and in ourselves, congratulations and let us begin to celebrate this milestone for the rest of our lives with humility and with the resolve to continue the good work.