Mayor Jose “Bonito” Singson Jr., “State of the City Address”

Last July 1, 2023, Mayor Jose “Bonito” Singson, Jr. delivered his first State of the City Address, a year after he assumed office.

Mayor Singson gave a comprehensive report of his administration’s accomplishments and significant programs. He also gave updates on his ongoing and future programs and projects for the City and the Biguenos.

In his address, he highlighted the three main focus of his leadership anchored on his dedication to serve and to live up to his obligation of ensuring a better future for the people of Vigan: increase the average income of everey Bigueno, provide shelter and sustainable livelihood, and create job and business opportunities for everyone.

He expressed that all the accomplishments that his administration has achieved in the last 365 days, especially the City Government’s response and recovery programs after the 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake hit the City, various infrastructure projects and his notable initiatives to further boost the City’s tourism and economic development, were all possible because of everyone’s support and cooperation. He further expressed his gratitude and appreciation to all who have given assistance and donations to the City Government that have benefitted a lot of Biguenos.

He concluded his Address with his encouragement to everyone to continue to join him in realizing his goals and aspirations for his beloved City of Vigan.