Artes Ita Paskua CARRIES ON AMID Pandemic

Regardless of all the odds caused by the pandemic, the Christmas vibes in the Heritage City continuous as the annual Artes Ita Paskua of the City Government of Vigan got its way last December 07 -17, 2020 with the new normal set-up in which most of the events were done through online and the others were with limited participants to comply into the Minimum Health Standards set by the City Covid-19 Task Force.

To prevent mass gathering while still enjoying the season, the City Events, Promotions and Protocol Office steered barangay and home based competitions such as the Inter-Barangay Christmas Installation Contest which was held last December 7-8, 2020 wherein different barangays of the city putted up their Nativity Scene, Christmas Trees and other colorful and bright Christmas related decorations in their respective Barangay Halls and covered courts made into recycled materials.

The judging of entries as well as the awarding of winners were done by visiting them personally in their barangays, in the end the following were conclude as winners to received cash prizes and trophies through CEPPO Edred Piamonte, City Treasurer Milagros Contreras and City Assistant Treasurer Edwin Remigios.

Inter- Barangay Christmas Installation 1st Place Barangay Beddeng Laud
2nd Place Barangay San Jose
3rd Place Barangay Rugsuanan
4th Place Barangay Mindoro
5th Place Barangay Pantay Fatima

The Bigueño children’s creativity and the practice in writing through Iloco language were highlighted in this year’s Artes Ita Paskua celebration through the Christmas Card Making Competition held last December 09, 2020 where over fifteen elementary students joined the said event.

Art materials were distributed to the participants two days prior to the said deadline for them to make their best entries. Afterwards, the outputs were displayed at the City Hall’s Lobby.

Christmas Card Making Competition

1st Place Crystal Anne Arquero
2nd Place Elisha Ashley Supnet
3rd Place Lanze Andrei Supnet

One of this year’s recent event for the celebration is the essay competition that tackles the grown up wishes or dreams of a Bigueño that gives hope and entertainment to its readers. The competition was open to all Bigueños aged 25 years old and above but due to the current situation the participants were limited into ten.

To adjust with the new set-up, the essay’s theme was sent to the participants simultaneously thirty minutes prior to the allotted time of the competition.

Subsequently, the participants scanned and sent their hand written master piece to the organizers for judging.

My Grown up Christmas Wishlist
Essay Writing Competition

1st Place Princess Anne Tactac
2nd Place Dexter Supnet
3rd Place Ryan Panogao

The Street Painting Competition became of the Artes Ita Paskua’s most anticipated event wherein artists from the city enthusiastically participated the event to showcased their creativity and passion for arts.

This year’s fifteen entries gave their best interpretation towards the Ilocano Christmas Traditions and Family Values.

The event was scheduled for three days slated last December 09-11, 2020 where the participants were divided into three batches to observe the City’s Health Protocols.

CEPPO Edred Piamonte and City Treasurer Milagros Contreras awarded the winners at Vigan Conservation Complex.

Christmas Street Painting Competition

1st Place Arnold Calacal
Bianca Mabeza
Cristine Joy Calcal
Dempsey Paz
Shaira Retialo
2nd Place Nathalie Florez
Jazel Pinol
Roxanne Fabriaga
Russel Alcain
Czarina Ramirez
3rd Place Jeffrey Pascua
Johnjohn Follante
Raymark Quinoy
Daniel Joshua Raboy
Aldwin Pilorin

To further entice Bigueño families and discern the true essence of Christmas amidst the pandemic, various families with five members took part in this year’s Sa May Bahay-Christmas Carol Competition last December 12, 2020 where each entry was allowed to choose any Christmas Song with acoustic or recycled accompaniment.

The winners were determined through the voice quality, blending and the authenticity of the video where editing and usage of enhancers and microphones were prohibited.

Sa May Bahay- Christmas Carol Competition

1st Place Arconado and Ponce Family
2nd Place Ragudo and Abella Family
3rd Place Figuerres and Ardona Family

Last December 13, 2020 the different film enthusiasts of the city and adorable Bigueño kids shines at the Christmas DokyuFilm Competition and Santa Baby–Photography Competition.

The short film entries runs from three to six minutes that showcased the Children’s stories on Christmas. Also, the organizers limited the number of members each entry to follow the health protocols.

On the other hand, adorable Christmas characters were also expressed through the Santa Baby: Photography Contest in which Bigueño toddlers dressed into their best and cutest Christmas costumes.

In the contest, models were only allowed to take their pictorials inside their house with the used of mobile phone.

The judging of the said competitions were done virtually through the CEPPO and TVigan Channel.

Santa Baby
Photo Competition

1st Place Baby Alexandra Pauline Vie Ambida
2nd Place Baby Alejandro Ma. Catherine Reintegrado
3rd Place Baby Princess Bonna Glaiza Abella

Christmas Dokyufilm
Short Film Documentary Competition

1st Place “Mey Mey”
2nd Place “Munting Hiling”
3rd Place “Pananaw”

The different offices and divisions of the City Government continued to bring the Christmas season and positive vibes into their respective offices through putting up Christmas Trees which are made from recycled materials. Each entry depicts their department’s works and services and were judged last December 14, 2020.

Inter Office Christmas Tree Competition

1st Place City Productivity Center
2nd Place City Budget Office
3rd Place City Health Office
4th Place DILG and COA
5th Place City General Services Office

The Lantern or Parol is a traditional representation of the Filipinos of Christmas and the making of it became one of the highlights of the annual Artes Ita Paskua of the city, last December 15, 2020 at the famous Calle Crisologo, flocks of local Parol makers congregated to create their best Ilocano yet recycled inspired lanterns.

Afterwards, the lanterns were placed across the Calle Crisologo while the top three winners were displayed in front of the Vigan City Hall.

Christmas Lantern Making Competition

1st Place Mariana Dela Cruz
Janus September Dela Cruz
Aldrin Gascon
2nd Place Mark Leo Aguilar
Kaye Mark Padre
Justine Palce
3rd Place Jose Remolete II
Hanna Sophia Arcellana
Daenielle Dee Gallardo

Last December 16, 2020, twelve equally young and talented ladies competed in this year’s Little Miss Santa Claus wherein the candidates ramped and showcased virtually their Christmas inspired costumes, talents and wit during their online casual interview.

Afterwards, top three finalists were chosen for the Coronation Day at Vigan Culture and Trade Center held last December 17, 2020. In there, the finalist competed on gown and one common final question: “In this Christmas, what is your wish or prayer to Jesus Christ?”

“I wish that this pandemic will end soon for us to have face-to-face classes for our studies and for everyone to go out freely and visit different places.” Little Miss Santa Claus 2020 Isabella Keihl Ablog winning answer.

2019 Little Miss Santa Claus and the 2020 Saniata Ti Agtutubo Cela Shantell Aldos and 2020 Miss Universe-Ilocos Sur Adelma Krisel Benicta, crowned the Little Miss Santa Claus 2020.

The said pre-pageant and coronation day were aired through the TVigan Channel and TVigan Production Facebook Page.

“Due to the pandemic, this year’s competition was too different as compared in the recent years in which the City Government of Vigan through the City Events, Promotions and Protocol Office together with the TVigan Channel and the supervision of the City Covid-19 Task Force took all the necessary actions to follow the health protocols while celebrating our Artes Ita Paskua.” said Edred Piamonte, CEPPO head.

He also highlighted that the City pushed through the said celebration to give hope and let the Bigueños still feel the season of Christmas amidst this trying times.